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Eyebrow Pencil with Spoolie FAQs

I have blonde hair and blonde eyebrows, what color should i get?!

Did Chella discontinue tantalizing taupe eyebrow color?

am a strawberry blonde....what color brow pencil in your line should I use?

I have light golden brown hair, and i need a color that’s not ashy or red. which would work better for me, taupe or blonde?

I have gray hair, getting whiter by the minute. Currently using Maybelline blonde but it has too much reddish brown hue. What color do you recommend?

which one is black?

Is it waterproof?

Does the blonde color have warmth in it? The last blonde colored pencil I got had a reddish tint to it

Is the quantity one or two?

Is taupe Brown?

I have really dark brown hair and eyebrows,( not black) what color should i use ?

Eyebrow Cream FAQs

Is this smudge proof?

How do I clean the brush? I’ve had mine a couple Months and the brush needs cleaning really badly.

Do you still carry the eyebrow cream in taupe, wanted to order more, but you seem to be offering only light brown

This is a cream; right? So it does not need a pencil sharpener.

My once black hair is silver. My very sparse brows are black. What color do I choose?

Which color is lighter than Tantalizing Taupe?

Heated Eyelash Curler FAQs

Is there supposed to be a heat "ready" indicator on the back of the curler? There looks like there's a spot for one.

do you have to use mascara?

do you have to use mascara?

how do i change the battery?

Eyebrow Highlighter Pencil FAQs

I'm not sure what color to get??

What size sharpener fits this?


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