Brow Minimalist Kit

Brow Minimalist Kit

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Eyebrow Pencil Color
Beautiful Blonde
Luscious Light Brown
Tantalizing Taupe
Marvelous Medium Brown
Awesome Auburn
Dazzling Dark Brown
Delightful Deep Brown
Graceful Grey
Elegant Ebony
Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel - Clear (1)

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Eyebrow Pencil

1. Brush the brows upward with the spoolie to really see the shape and natural direction of hair growth. 2. Lightly apply product in an upward motion starting at the front of the brow. 3. As you reach the arch to tail area, gradually build up product while following the natural direction of hair growth.


Eyebrow Defining Gel - Clear 1. Apply by brushing the hairs in an upward motion sorting out brows to your desired fullness. 2. Once the hairs are brushed up, brush the tops of the hairs over. 3. Leave the front of the eyebrow brushed up for a fuller natural look.