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YOU are Important... 5 Tips for Self-Care

YOU are Important... 5 Tips for Self-Care

Hey, Chella Bellas! Caring for others is important to do, to be your best, but did you know, so is taking care of YOU? Burnout is R.E.A.L., so here’s a quick guide to self-care. Okay, so we all know the distress drill: watch some Netflix to detox. But oftentimes, deep self-care is overlooked. Showers, wine, binge-watching shows and those two minutes to yourself before bed. And that’s totally it, right? Well, actually, there is soooo much more to self-care and we have written our top 5 tips for you to add to your very own TLC routine.

1. Practice Gratitude, Feel Happy Beauty comes from within. If we feel beautiful on the inside by practicing affirmations of self-love, positivity, and confidence, we will radiate it on the outside. Practice gratitude in the blessings and uniqueness of you. There is no other YOU and the you that you are is BEAUTIFUL. You are gorgeous head-to-toe, inside-and-out. What you can do today: Write a quick note of self-love or gratitude and stick it on your mirror. Ex: “I am beautiful. I cherish my strong arms that let me hug those that I love!”

2. Phone Down… ASAP As much as we all love that TikTok dance that goes, “Corvette, corvette…,” it can wait. Sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses...literally! Your eyes need a break and you need to feel more present! Try scheduling an hour of NPA (no phones allowed) time each day. What you can do today: Go on a walk, read a good book, go to the farmers market, sit at a park, enjoy some time with some pals… there are so many phone-free activities to do!

3. Makeup Empowerment Yes, there is such a thing as “look good, feel good!” Go on, girl! Grab your Chella Eyebrow Kit, light some candles, turn on something groovy and do a dance while you take all the time you want doing your makeup! Chella helps you embrace your natural beauty and makes you feel empowered! Try giving yourself an extra 10 minutes to take your time and love on yourself during your makeup routine. What you can do today: Build your Eyebrow Kit & find more Chella, here.

4. Meditate Calm your mind and ease any stress or anxiety. Meditation has incredible benefits like lowering stress, improving sleep, increasing confidence and positivity…Try carving out five minutes each day to clear your mind and connect with your higher self. What you can do today: Use YouTube or phone apps to find guided meditations. 

5. Do a Full Skincare Routine Nothing feels as good as a freshly cleansed face. Start with washing your face for at least 30 seconds, followed by a face mask of your choice, serums, correctors, and moisturizer. Make sure to pop on a calming playlist so that you can feel all the good products and vibes seep into your skin. Even on those late nights, taking the time to cleanse your face is important! Trust us, you and your skin will thank you. What you can do today: Get the Chella Hydrating Cleanser Lush Balm here.

You are important.

Stop skipping your own self-care routines!

Embrace your beauty, inside and out!

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