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Meet @velabeauty...Chella's First Collaboration

Meet @velabeauty...Chella's First Collaboration

Meet Cori, aka @velabeauty, makeup artist, social media star, and soon-to-be mommy. While she creates amazing viral TikToks and Instagram GRWMs... we love @velabeauty most for her obsession with highlighting natural beauty and her belief that if you set an intention, you can make it your reality. 

From the time she was a little girl, Cori Gant was obsessed with makeup and the way it could help her transform. With some palettes and a brush a beautiful, barefaced young lady could bloom to become bold, confident, and empowered. Although young, this idea of transformation through makeup was not lost on Cori, and ultimately followed her through her adult life. 

A young girl from Ohio, Cori has now grown into the kind, gifted, and confident woman she is today-- VelaBeauty. Life does not come without challenges, much like roses do not bloom without thorns; But it is the thorns that make the rose more exciting, more interesting, and stronger than the average flower. Like the Chella team, Cori is cognizant of the fact that if our thoughts are intentional, then our dreams become other words, if you can dream up a goal you can achieve that goal. The collaboration between Chella Beauty and Cori Gant was no exception to this mindset. Through hard work, dedication to her craft, and the courage to plant the seed and water it, the Blushing Rose collaboration flourished.

Introduced through IPSY, Chella and Cori immediately aligned on their values and mission-- empowering people to keep growing, and to embrace their flaws and thorns for the beauty that they bring. A collaboration was a no-brainer, it was like a sign from the Universe that both parties were exactly where they needed to be. And just like that, a young girl playing with her mothers makeup has fully bloomed into a strong woman with a platform and a palette to be nothing but proud of.

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