We all know that feeling of coming home after a long day, crawling into bed, and conking out before we even have a chance to take our makeup off. We've been repeatedly told that it’s not good for our skin to sleep with our makeup on, but sometimes it's too tempting (or too late) to bother taking it all off.

So what's the real story? Is it really a bad idea to sleep with your makeup on?

In this guide, we’ll discuss the effects of sleeping in makeup and share tips on effectively removing all of your makeup before hitting the hay!

Is it okay to sleep with makeup on?

Dermatologists say, “It is not okay to sleep with makeup on.” Sleeping in makeup can cause long-term skin problems, including clogged pores, acne, dry skin, and premature aging.

When you wear makeup, it traps sweat and bacteria on your skin, causing inflammation and breakouts. Assume you're also wearing foundation or another type of heavy coverage product. In that case, the product may cake and bunch up on your face while you sleep, resulting in a dull complexion in the morning.

Dry skin is another common issue that is caused by sleeping in makeup. When you wear foundation and other skincare products overnight, they can seal in all of the natural oils on your face, preventing them from being able to penetrate your skin. It can lead to an overall dehydrated look and feel the next day.

What to do after sleeping in makeup? 

If you've ever fallen asleep with your makeup on, you're familiar with the results: clogged pores, blackheads, and breakouts. But what can you do to make it better? Sleeping in makeup is never ideal, but if it is unavoidable, damage control should be taken.

These simple tips should help you clear up your skin quickly.

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser: This will help remove all the makeup and dirt that has built up on your skin.

  • Use a toner: Toners help clarify and tighten pores, which can help reduce the chances of breakouts.

  • Apply a moisturizer: A good moisturizer will help hydrate your skin and restore balance.

  • Consider using a face mask: A face mask can deep cleanse your skin and help eliminate any excess oil or bacteria.

  • Apply acne medication if needed: If you're experiencing breakouts, consider using an acne medication prescribed by your dermatologist.

Tips on removing makeup before sleeping

So what can you do to avoid these problems? Here are a few tips:

  • Try to remove your makeup before bedtime as much as possible. If you’re running short on time, at least use a cleansing wipe or micellar water to quickly remove most of your makeup.

  • If you fall asleep with your makeup on, try using a gentle exfoliating cleanser in the morning to help clear away any built-up makeup and dirt.

  • Ensure that you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day. It will help to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

  • Invest in premium nighttime skincare, one that is designed to remove makeup. Look for products that contain gentle ingredients such as micellar water, soy oil, or chamomile extract.

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