Finding and committing to *just* one beauty product sometimes feels like an episode of The Bachelor-- especially when there are so many amazing options! BUT the best things in life don’t come easy… so we’re here to teach you how to find your brow & eye soulmate without months of shopping around. Sometimes all it takes is that one essential product to complete your beauty routine! 

Tip #1: Don’t Rush the Process, Babe! 

Finding “the one” takes time! And sometimes you have to test things out before you’re ready to commit. It’s kind of like using Chella’s HLC… you’ve been stuck on your traditional eyelash crimper for years, and no matter how many times it knicks your eyelids or damages your lashes, you don’t want to take the time to search for a new one. BUT, once you turn up the heat on the eyelash curlers heated , and you finally get comfortable with it, you’re happy you said goodbye to your old ways! After years of looking for the quality you deserve & a curl that doesn’t quit from root to tip, you’ve finally found the tool your lashes can’t live without. 

Tip #2: Think About What YOU Want

What is it that you want to get out of this new product? What do you need this product to do so that you can feel your best? Here are some common goals that Chella can help you achieve: 

Eye definition
Bold brows 
Long, lush lashes
Clean, glowy skin
Feeling beautifully YOU

    If any of these seem like things you’re looking for in a beauty product, Chella is happy to play matchmaker! Check out our collection of Eyebrow Pencils, Creams, Gel and Eyeliner Pens to bring the boldness to your eyes and the best out in you. And if none of those have you swooning, we also offer a collection of Eyeshadow Palettes, the Lush Balm Cleanser, and more amazing products to gush about. 

    Tip #3: Find something that complements you! 

    Everyone has a favorite feature that makes them feel beautiful and unique. Look out for products that bring out the best in you! Whether it's your brows, eyes, long lashes, strength, or kind demeanor, you’ll know you’ve found the one when you feel your best with it. Whatever your favorite feature is, choose a product that highlights it and makes you feel extra special always! 

    Tip #4: Know where to look! 

    Chella has a collection of Brow and Eye essentials that will make you look and feel your best. Clean makeup that cares, made with YOU in mind-- always beautiful without the harsh ingredients!  Our selection of Clean beauty products features high-quality items that can ride solo (like our Eyebrow Pencil and Cream) or products that play VERY nice with others (like Eyebrow Defining Gel and their heated lash curler)... who says we can’t have multiple soulmates?!

    Go find your makeup bag’s missing piece at!