The Best-Kept Beauty Secret for Great-Looking Brows You leave the house with perfectly groomed brows. The next time you check your reflection, they look a little off—what’s that about? It only takes one or two stray eyebrow hairs to throw off your whole look. Sometimes it can seem like your eyebrows have a mind of their own. They’re like an extension of your own untamable spirit. Okay, but really—what do you need to do to keep your eyebrows from getting out of control? The secret to placating wild brows is in an eyebrow defining gel.

Untamed Brow Hair Is a Thing of the Past Have you ever woken up in the morning and noticed that your eyebrow hair is all over the place? Unless you have a really strong eyebrow cream, those hairs aren’t going to do a thing that you tell them without an eyebrow defining gel. Eyebrow gel should provide your brows with a firm yet flexible hold that locks them in place with or without any other brow makeup.

Eyebrow Gel Gives Your Look a Sculpted Finish You are an artist, and a complete brow is your work of art. Like a sculptor slowly carving away at a beautiful piece of clay, you’ve used small strokes of eyebrow pencil or eyebrow cream to sketch your brows in the natural direction of hair growth. You’ve also defined your eyes with pen eyeliner and mascara.

Yet, something is not quite right. The lightbulb flashes—a creative revelation! Your brows need definition, just like your eyes and lashes. Eyebrow defining gel is crucial to your art. The best way to coax out your brows’ natural beauty is with a clear eyebrow defining gel. It will lock in a longer-lasting, natural fullness with the definition of a detailed sculpture from your favorite art museum.

Your Brows Have Serious Staying Power Once you’ve locked in your look, it’s going to set like a luxurious chocolate candy coating; it will be firm but pliable. Sometimes the best beauty secrets don’t require any other makeup. To get lashes that set as well as your brows, use eyelash curlers heated to a moderate temperature for lasting length. Both eyebrow defining gel and heated eyelash curlers can be used without any other makeup in an emergency. However, serious staying power may include an eyebrow pencil, an eyebrow highlighter pencil, a liquid eyeliner pen, and mascara.

Look in the mirror and—wow. You’re awe-inspiring. The next time you leave your home with perfectly groomed brows, the only wild thing about your look will be your fierce confidence. With an eyebrow defining gel, your eyebrows stay in place all day long. It might be the beauty industry’s best-kept secret, but don’t keep it to yourself. It’s time to let the secret out.

About Chella
Revolutionizing the craft of gorgeous-looking brows, Chella is a beauty brand on a mission to enhance your natural beauty. Their salon-quality products are your ticket to perfectly groomed brows and expertly defined eyes. Chella allows you to use your powers of creativity, positive thinking, and visualization to elevate your brows and transform the world around you. With the simple Chella How To Brow In 3 Easy Steps method alongside products like the innovative heated eyelashes curler, you can be well on your way to feeling more confident and powerful.

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