A Condensed Look at the Evolution of Eyebrow Makeup...  

Eyebrows are fascinating. They’re expressive and unique and beautiful, and your brows may change with beauty trends and personal preferences. It’s very like fashion in that sense. Just like the world of fashion, eyebrow trends have had ups and downs throughout history (we'll keep that up to your personal discretion). Some popular eyebrow styles you see on IG are inspired by the brows of the past. While there are historical eyebrow trends worthy of imitation, others might help you decide whether the trends you see are the right ones for you.

Ancient Greeks Took Natural Brows to the Extreme

There’s nothing wrong with a natural brow. In fact, your natural brows are something to celebrate. However, the Ancient Greeks went above and beyond. They liked their brows dark and bushy, and a unibrow was something to be admired—Frida Kahlo’s brows would have been a dream. Women even wore false eyebrows and attached them with tree resin, taking natural to a whole new level.

The Middle Ages and Their Eyebrow Vendetta 

It was common for women to pluck all or most of their eyebrow hairs in the middle ages, and they didn’t bother to draw or fill in new ones. There are many theories about why this trend started, but the real question is why it lasted so long. Some people believe that the distinct lack of eyebrows drew attention to other physical features, hmmm we love to see the ingenuity!

The Overplucked Brow

The 20th century was a whirlwind for brows. Eyebrow styles went from thick to thin to thicker to thinner repeatedly, and it feels like the cycle has continued into the 21st century with y2k looks. Pencil-thin eyebrows had their place in the silent-film era because they showed expression when film stars couldn’t use words. There's something quite empowering about those over-plucked, shaved, and re-drawn eyebrows. Bella Hadid has already rocked a few throwback looks (thanks to some glue and concealer to hide her current gorgeous brows, and eyebrow creams to redraw that fun silhouette of a brow). Since y2k inspired looks are coming back, who knows? Maybe we will see some more plucked brows this upcoming season! Especially now that our iconic drag queens have taught us all about reshaping and redrawing brows (no longer need to worry whether the overplucked brows will grow back, because thats what makeup is for!)

The Takeaway: The Eyebrow Trends You Can Learn From

Historically speaking, eyebrows went through a lot, but there aren’t lows without highs. There are fantastic eyebrow trends from the past inspiring beautiful brows and eyes every day. The dark kohl used by Ancient Egyptians used as protection from the sun, crafted seriously striking looks around the eyes underneath thick, bold brows. Inspired? Then a liquid eyeliner pen helps you achieve some great black liner looks. And long after the Egyptians sculpted their brows, Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, and Brooke Shields brought us the marked styles that simply enriched their natural brows with a little definition.

Should some of these eyebrow trends be left in the middle ages? We'll let you personally decide that one, but you can learn from those brow trends to uncover how you can achieve beautiful brow and eye definition. It’s never too late to invest in the features that make you stand out in a crowd, whether that requires new eyebrow makeup or a heated eyelash curler. If you haven’t already found the perfect brow and eye essentials that flatter your features, then you may be interested in the custom eyebrow pencil kits offered by brow-focused beauty brands like Chella. With the right beauty tools, you can become a brow icon of the future.

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