A big part of feeling powerful and attractive in your body is confidence. You may already feel like you’re inundated with tips and tactics to boost your confidence in one fell swoop. However, not everyone wants to buy a “hot” new outfit or a tube of vamp lipstick (which may end up in the back of a drawer anyway). Instead of a huge leap that may make you feel less secure in your body, there are other ways to build your confidence. These can help you appreciate the power and beauty you may already possess or encourage physical, mental, and emotional growth to break through any limitations.

Find Joyful Movement

You can avoid subjecting yourself to hours at the gym if you don’t want to be there. Doing something you don’t love can affect motivation levels and performance. What would happen if you exercised or simply moved in a way you actually enjoyed? Now isn’t that a crazy thought? You may find that you can feel better, you can be confident in your abilities, and your body can do things you may not have considered before. You can explore joyful ways of moving your body that can help you feel attractive once you break through any feelings of discomfort. Buti yoga, anyone?  

Put Yourself First

You are relevant and important enough to put yourself first. Self-care can be a breath of fresh air that helps you take powerful energy into the day. It can help you feel confident because it allows you to prioritize yourself. Putting yourself first may look like spending extra time on your makeup in the morning so that you can use your coveted heated eyelash curler. It could also look like recharging alone at home instead of going out with friends. Both can help you feel energized and more confident in yourself and your decisions.

Wake Up Early

You may be wondering what waking up early has to do with power and beauty. It can have a pretty significant impact on how you feel about yourself. If you wake up early, you may feel like you have more hours in the day. Take the two hours you spend watching TV before bed and move them into your morning. In those two hours, you can read, exercise, drink coffee, or journal. You can actually spend time refining your makeup routine and exploring different ways to make your eyeliner pen enhance your features instead of just going through the motions. You can feel fresh and confident in your readiness to take on the day.   

It may take some time to feel totally comfortable with the parts of yourself you may have previously snubbed. That is okay. You are unique, and you are beautiful. You can do the work to accept and feel confident in the characteristics that may set you apart. The solid methods that can help you appreciate your body and feel more attractive are not a quick fix, but they can be enjoyable. Remember to have patience—and have fun.

Photo by @piscesf4iry111 on Pinterest