Did you know that it can be fairly common for someone’s face to be asymmetrical? Go ahead. Check it out. Look at where your eyebrows sit. Are they the same? Don’t worry, you don’t need to fix any asymmetries. In fact, you can celebrate them! Your asymmetries can make your life interesting and unique. From the varying strength of your different hands to the flexibility of your body to the simple arch of your eyebrows—you can accept and appreciate these dissimilarities in your physical appearance with a little practice.

Find a Balancing Practice
If you feel like something in your physical appearance is throwing you out of balance, then you can try a balancing practice. If you try to balance appearance-based asymmetries with cosmetics, it may take away from your unique characteristics! A balancing practice can help you make peace with dissimilar features, and help you appreciate your present self. Many people experience success with balancing practices that incorporate meditation or yoga. Yet, you can also find balance through more energetic movement or art, which can help promote self-assuredness in your body.

Use Customizable Make-Up
The shape of your eyebrows and your eyes, as well as where they sit on your face, are commonly asymmetrical. There are makeup brands that can help you feel powerful and attractive even if you might feel self-conscious about these features. These makeup brands can provide simple and easy brow and eye makeup techniques to enhance and define your attention-grabbing features. Customizable brow definition like the Chella How to Brow In 3 Easy Steps method, along with a trusty pen eyeliner, may create the look you can rely on for a confidence boost. That way, situations that used to make you feel insecure about asymmetries can have little to no effect on your conviction—even when you don’t wear a lot of makeup.

Don’t Cover Up
You don’t have to hide your asymmetries. You can actually enhance them with some pretty fantastic results. Even asymmetries caused by injury or age can be a part of what makes you unique. After all, you’ve experienced a different life than anyone else. Instead of covering up dissimilar features, you can roll with them and work with what you’ve got. This can be a part of your self care and makeup routine too. You can breathe life into asymmetrical features like eyelashes with eyelash curlers heated to deliver optimal length and openness.

Your body is not the only thing with asymmetries. Your mind can also be pulled in different directions to different degrees, working to find its own balance. All of this can impact who you are and how you see your lifestyle and physical appearance. The little gems of information and beauty tips above can be the start of finding what you love and appreciate your body and appearance. You’re unique—and you don’t need to fix anything or apologize for it!

Photo by @asapdaya on Twitter