Powerful people have inspired and cultivated the minds of many throughout history. Your voice, opinion, and mind are worthy of notice. With a few simple techniques, you can create a look to match your confidence. You may have heard the fairly common saying; the eyes are the window to your soul. In this case, your eyes are the windows to your passion and your power. You can empower and express yourself with eyes that are crafted to command attention.

Manage and Groom Your Brows

The first step in creating powerful eyes is getting your eyebrows in order. Many people rely on the deft hands of salon professionals to shape, trim, and strip their eyebrows into submission. However, you may be better off mapping your own brows to achieve the shape that can uniquely represent your eyes. There are some brow and eye-focused cosmetic brands offering a guide for brow mapping. A brow map can help you fashion a brow silhouette that can express self-assurance. 

Gather Information & Find Your Shades

When you’re creating a look that exudes confidence, you must find a shade that can complement your skin tone and hair color and help your eyes pop! Your eyebrow shade and the shade of eyeliner pen you select can draw attention to your face, and nothing may detract from a powerful expression more than an incorrect brow color. For your brow enhancers, keep in mind that blonde and brown shades can have red (warm) undertones, and black shades can have blue (cool) undertones. It may be a process, but it can be worth the time and effort. 

Find Your Confidence to Fill & Define

Once you have the correct shade of eyebrow cream, pencil, gel, and highlighter, then you can start to develop the look. It’s a look that can convey your confidence, charm, and wit with a mere glance. Your eyebrows may need to be filled and defined with a few handy make-up items to achieve your look, but as you become more self-assured, you may find that you can make things happen without them and embody your look without makeup. In addition to your brow efforts, you can benefit from sharpening your eyes with an eyeliner pen that features a precision tip for clean and effective definition. 

Add Some Drama & a Little Heat ;)

Your eyeliner can add an element of drama to your countenance, and your eyelashes can boost this effect with a profound demonstration of your powerful emotions. To get the theatrical curl of long, lush lashes, you can employ a heated eyelash curler after you apply mascara. You can then look someone in the eye and know they can see your respect or your strength through a forest of voluminous eyelashes. It’s fairly effective to say the least. 

With the right tools, including a heated eyelash curler, and the right shade that can fill and define your eyes and support your look, you might look and feel like a powerful figure. Express your creativity, imagination, and determination through your actions and your appearance.


Photo by: @eva_vanassche