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Brows 101: 3 Trends To Express yourself with your Brows!

Brows 101: 3 Trends To Express yourself with your Brows!

Whether you prefer a natural look, or a full on rainbow eyebrow look (click to check out the rainbow brow look we did in honor of Pride Month)... It's important to remember there is no wrong way to style your brows. Express yourself with those brows! Just like anything else, there are constantly new trends on how to fill and style your brows in a way that makes you feel the most beautiful and confident. 

So let’s take a look at some of the most recent eyebrow trends that have totally taken over in 2021!

1. Fluffy Soap Brows

Fluffy Soap Brows chella
Photo sourced from Pinterest @ju1ialyn

Fluffy, feathered brows are a trend that has been in for a while now, and for good reason! One way to achieve the fluffy brow look is with the soap method or if you’d prefer to stick to traditional eyebrow products you can use an eyebrow gel like the Chella defining gel. Whatever method you choose just simply brush your brow hairs upwards, and get ready to have some fab feathery brows! Click here to learn how to achieve fluffy brows in four easy steps! 

Here is our list of fave products that you can use to get the perfect fluffy, feathered brows:

Eyebrow Defining Gel – Chella : Pears Transparent Original Soap - 4.4 Oz, 12 Pack : Bath Soaps : Beauty

    2. The Straight Brows

    chella The Straight Brows

    Photo sourced on Pinterest @annajuliaaaaa

    Ariana Grande straight brows


    Photo sourced on Pinterest, Credit: Ariana Grande

    This is the eyebrow look that Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande (yuh!) are always seen rocking, and it is also a look that is very popular in the K-Beauty space (S/O  Black Pink!!) To achieve this look most people wax or pluck the tails off their brows to get that straight eyebrow shape. Be careful when doing this though, because brows do grow back but they take time! We highly recommend going to a professional for this to avoid waxing or plucking too much of your precious brows! This trend is also great if you want to experiment with different shapes, since you are getting rid of the tail of your brow essentially. It allows you to style and shape your brows in different ways, which can be a fun way to switch your look up. Or lets be honest, its fun to just do because we're Ari stans.

    3. Colorful/No brows Brows

    Colorful/No brows Brows

    Photo sourced from Pinterest by anonymous

    Colorful/No brows Brows

    Photo sourced from Pinterest @kellywearstler

    Want the no brows brow look? This look is super high-fashion and IN! Opt for you this look by using some brow glue to hold your brows down. Take your concealer, and use a beauty blender to beat the product into your brows. Finish off with a powder!

    OR...since we all could use a little extra color in our lives... Try a pop of color on the brows for a stunning way to express your creativity and vibe.  Did someone say ~#coolgirlsummer ~? To achieve the perfect colorful brow you can fill your brows with a colorful eyeshadow. This trend has completely taken over the beauty industry in the past year, with our queen Halsey coming out with her line dedicated to playful looks and other brands who are designing new products specifically meant to achieve that colorful brow-- SIGN US UP!

    Ready to embrace colorful brows, but still don’t know where to start? No problem, checkout our Divine Purpose Palette for a pop of BLUE! Or head to your local beauty retail store to grab some more fun colorful palettes!


    Cover photo sourced from Pinterest: @ohmymaguk


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