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The Importance of Having an Achievable Beauty Routine

The Importance of Having an Achievable Beauty Routine

It’s not so hard to believe that you’re looking for support from the beauty industry—on social media, at work, in your home, and all through the day. Chella is the brand working to provide what you need. As a brow and eye-focused beauty brand, we are committed to helping you recognize your worth and feeling beautiful, whether your makeup routine takes 2 or 60 minutes. Chella designs our clean beauty products for an approachable beauty routine that’s all fun and zero frustration.

Defining Your Features

All the brow and eye products from Chella help draw out and define your unique features. We offer kits, tips, and techniques to get you through the process. The Chella Custom Eyebrow Pencil or Cream Kits sculpt beautiful-looking brows, including an Eyebrow Pencil or Eyebrow Cream (in one of nine shades), the Chella Eyebrow Gel, a Dual Blending Brush, and a Highlighter. Once you have your kit, you can follow our How to Brow In 3 Easy Steps to create your work of art. 

We also make eye definition easy with our user-friendly liquid pen eyeliner. With its tapered brush, you can paint a thick or thin line in one sweep and be a witness to vibrant, lasting pigment.

Encouraging Self-Love

Putting on makeup isn’t just about looking pretty—it’s about being true to yourself and finding joy in a routine that’s all about you! We encourage you to turn your beauty and self-care routines into an act of self-love.

You can use products that get you feeling good in your skin, like a heated eyelash curler or the Chella Hydrating Cleanser Lush Balm. With these clean beauty products, you can put time aside for yourself at the beginning and end of the day. A heated eyelashes curler gently curves your lashes up to glamorous lengths without damaging them, while the Cleanser Lush Balm effortlessly tends to your skin and removes makeup.

Manifesting Your Confidence

Morning makeup regimens are a straightforward process when you have confidence in your abilities and your appearance. A stress-free makeup routine helps with both. Our Chella products bring out your radiant and gorgeous features you’ve possessed all along. Our brow and eye products like the Chella Custom Eyebrow Pencil, Chella Custom Cream Kits, and the Manifest eyeshadow palette are just a few of the ways to give yourself a daily confidence boost with Chella. 

While we make beauty products dedicated to brows and eyes, Chella will never suggest changing anything about yourself or your appearance—because let's be honest babe, you don’t need to. Or as Selena Gomez states best, "WHO SAYS? WHO SAYS YOU'RE NOT PERFECT?" *cue the nostalgia*

You are capable of so much more than what you tell yourself sometimes (it's ok we all do it), and at Chella, we care about that. That includes fashioning your very own clean beauty routine with a heated eyelash curler, or giving you that boost of positivity you need to continue succeeding at your job, making a bomb dinner, crushing a workout, or the simple (but ever-so strenuous) task of putting your laundry away. You’re a human being who deserves to be celebrated for your wins (no matter how big or small!)

Discover your fun with a brow & eye routine that’s unique to you at


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