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Accepting the Perfectly Imperfect Morning: Finding Fun in a False Start & Refreshing Your Morning

Accepting the Perfectly Imperfect Morning: Finding Fun in a False Start & Refreshing Your Morning

Everyone seems to be waiting for that perfect morning...that morning when you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day without a single mishap or coffee spill. Why is it that whenever it feels like you need one of these mornings most, it escapes you? It may have to do with your mindset and your perception of morning and evening rituals. 

The trick to getting your fairy-tale morning is working with the offbeat moments to see imperfections for what they are or could be—opportunities.

Waking up on the wrong side turns into: Rolling to the right side

Contrary to popular belief, it shouldn’t ruin your whole day if you wake up on the “wrong side of the bed.” Hit the snooze button. It’s fine. Five minutes of extra shut-eye may be all it takes to roll over and wake up on the right side.

If you don’t want to snooze, take out your yoga mat and do a quick routine ending in savasana. Roll out of it into a sitting position and thank your body for getting up again. You did it! Let yourself feel this first win of the morning! 

Spilling turns into: Getting yourself a treat

You’ve just sat down with a mug full of tea or coffee, and somehow it spills. UGH! Why did it spill?! What could have prevented it? What can you do to get that liquid back in its mug and that stain off your shirt??

Nothing. (Well obviously throw your shirt in the wash...and DAB don’t rub!) But the main point is not to dwell on this moment—you have a whole day ahead of you. Take the chance to grab a fresh shirt, and yummy, feel-good iced latte on-the-go instead! Laugh at yourself. Changing the irritation to something giggle-worthy will help you get out of that “funk.”

Messy makeup turns into: Starting with a fresh canvas

This is a tough one. Messing up your makeup is the worst—especially if it involves eyeliner. But don’t take it out on your eyeliner pen. Take a deep breath, and for the love of your morning, don’t try to cover the slip-up with more eyeliner (LOL Haven’t we all been here).

The best thing you can do for your day is wipe off the makeup, pick up your favorite eyeliner pen, and start fresh. That goes for any makeup mishap—wipe it clean and start again. OR rock that fresh face! Nothing says c-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-c-e like that dazzling natural beauty. Opt for a quick brow touch up and some concealer… helloooooo natural beauty!


Falling Behind Schedule turns into: Stopping to smell the flowers

Ok...Cheesy. We know! BUT the three to ten minutes you’re running behind may have let you wash your face, use an exciting heated eyelash curler in your beauty routine, apply some much-needed SPF, or just snuggle and love on your adorable dog. Sometimes those moments are worth every second.  PLUS everything happens for a reason!

If you think you’re always falling behind, think about how you can change it the next day, but don’t let it influence your whole plan for the day. On your list of things to do, make it a goal to accomplish your top 3-6 things!

Your mornings can be what you make them. Make them feel right, have some fun, make a morning playlist and accept that not everything goes according to plan. If your brows look like they have a mind of their own, take it as a sign to try a new eyebrow gel. If you feel a little stiff, take five minutes to stretch and move. Every time you spill your coffee, mess up your makeup, or feel a little off, take the opportunity to breathe deep, accept, and refresh whatever needs refreshing.

About Chella

At Chella we know you want to feel beautiful inside and out. We are committed to creating vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and paraben-free beauty products, empowering you to be your best self. We celebrate YOU and prioritize the ingredients you put on your skin. We believe makeup should help you embrace your unique beauty and align with your clean, sustainable lifestyle. We understand the pressure you feel from society’s unrealistic beauty standards which is why we created clean brow and eye beauty products that highlight your natural beauty rather than mask it. 

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