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Chella Partners with IMPACT COLLECTIVE to be Carbon & Plastic Neutral

Chella Partners with IMPACT COLLECTIVE to be Carbon & Plastic Neutral

Chella Beauty — Clean Makeup That Cares

What does it mean today to be a makeup company that really cares? 

It’s about a lot more than you may think. For Chella, IMPACT COLLECTIVE’S newest partner, the statement has a three-fold meaning: caring is about the products themselves, preserving the environment, and changing the social narrative. It’s about putting beauty, wellness, and sustainability to work in the same space according to Chris Kolodziejski, CEO of Chella Beauty. It’s about making the world a better place in all aspects through tangible actions.

This is a lofty ideal, but one that Chella is taking very seriously.

Caring about quality

The Chella product line includes makeup and tools for brows, eyes, and the face. You can purchase kits or individual items. Products for the brow rank the highest in the most loved category.

Chella strives to make products that are vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free. Nothing is ever tested on animals, and each item is crafted with the intention of bringing out the natural beauty of an individual as well. Significant care is put into ingredient selection.

Caring about sustainability


Taking a big step, Chella is working with IMPACT COLLECTIVE to go both carbon and plastic neutral by offsetting their current footprints. This action fully impacts their business and Chella hopes it will inspire others within the beauty industry to do the same. 

On a more individual level, the entire Chella team works toward sustainable practices each day. 

“Our team is actively recycling, limiting our energy use, reusing when possible, drinking from reusable water bottles, and making a multitude of other sustainable choices in order to do our small part.” 

Sustainability and supporting the environment are both company-wide commitments.

Caring about beauty

Clean products and a cleaner planet hit two areas Chella cares about, but the third is much bigger. It addresses a standard in the beauty industry that’s no longer valid. Chella strives to make their space about products that debunk industry standards that are unrealistic as far as what constitutes beauty.

“Our customers should feel confident in their natural beauty and product choices,” says Kołodziejski, who’s bringing consumers together in a special way. They’ve created the designation of Chella Bella.

This is anyone who cares about clean beauty and values empowerment, wellness, inclusivity, and kindness. They also need to love products that are cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, and recyclable.

Beauty is really about being inclusive and accepting of everyone, and Chella continues to make this a poignant message for their brand.


“Clean beauty goes beyond the ingredients. To us, it also means caring for our earth and taking responsibility for waste production by taking action towards protecting our environment,” says Kołodziejski. One way Chella is achieving this is through their partnership with IMPACT COLLECTIVE.

“An unfortunate matter is that companies manufacturing products, as of today’s capabilities, inevitably produce waste and pollution. In addition, there are many laws and regulations that require us to do things that may seem wasteful, such as wrapping certain products in plastics to keep them tamper-proof. While we hope for new cleaner solutions in the future, this is just the current nature of the beast. Even though there is no easy fix or perfect solution to combat all wasteful requirements and functions of our business, this partnership with IMPACT COLLECTIVE allows us to offset many of the wasteful practices we can’t avoid as a company,” Kołodziejski emphasizes. However, Chella was already cognizant of their footprint before our partnership, with products that emphasize reuse like their Custom Eyeshadow Refills.

Going both carbon and plastic neutral through the help of IMPACT COLLECTIVE allows Chella to act in a way that improves everyone’s future here on earth. “It is incredibly important to be conscious of the products and ingredients that you put on your skin, and the potential waste those products create.” Applying this level of conscientiousness to the environment has led Chella to do real work and set an amazing example.

IMPACT COLLECTIVE supports companies like Chella, on a mission to offset many of the wasteful practices that are simply unavoidable. Brands involved with IMPACT COLLECTIVE are united in wanting to positively affect the environment through sustainable practices and offsetting initiatives.

“IMPACT COLLECTIVE has already shown us the importance of continuing to use our platform to speak out, spread awareness, educate others on sustainability, and encourage everyone to do the same,” says Kołodziejski.

Their message is clear, It’s all about making real differences for our beloved mother nature.



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