PRESS RELEASE: Chella joins a growing movement of brands committed to making an immediate and positive  environmental impact 

Los Angeles, CA (October, 2021) – Chella today announced it is expanding its sustainability efforts and will become plastic and carbon-neutral by joining the IMPACT COLLECTIVE, a group of forward-thinking brands committed to making an immediate and positive environmental impact through the reduction their carbon, plastic, water and energy footprints. This initiative is managed and administered by GreenPrint,  a global environmental technology company.  

“By becoming an IMPACT COLLECTIVE member and working with GreenPrint, we are further  demonstrating our commitment to act as a sustainability focused brand, and living up to our mission of clean beauty that cares,” said Chris Kolodjieski, CEO & Founder of Chella. “We are proud to participate in a cause with a purpose so close to our hearts—a promise for our company and to our customers so we can collectively make a positive impact on the environment and keep our planet green.”  

IMPACT COLLECTIVE offers its members several turnkey sustainability solutions designed to immediately  improve the environmental impact of their product’s packaging. Leveraging patented technology,  IMPACT members’ carbon, plastic, energy, and/or water consumptions are calculated and offset through investments in certified projects. IMPACT COLLECTIVE members can be identified through four IMPACT  seals that appear on their packaging, so consumers know they are supporting brands working to create a  positive societal impact.  

Greenhouse gases are the main cause of climate change. By investing in certified carbon dioxide  equivalent reduction projects like reforestation, landfill gas capture, alternative energy, methane  reduction and industrial process, IMPACT COLLECTIVE members like Chella are reducing their carbon footprint. According to Earth Day Network, it’s projected that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish (by weight). Chella is working with IMPACT COLLECTIVE to offset plastic usage by supporting plastic mitigation programs in Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines to reclaim ocean bound plastic from the environment.

“As we continue to partner with companies within the CPG space, we are proud to include Chella as  an IMPACT COLLECTIVE member,” said Pete Davis, founder and CEO of GreenPrint. “Together, we are  empowered to be responsible stewards of our planet and are working to drive the industry to become  more sustainable, one step at a time.”   

About Chella

Founded in 2003, Chella started as a small beauty brand created in the garage of its founder, Chris Kolodziejski, who was inspired by his mother’s lifelong ambition, creativity, and love of beauty. With a focus on creating high quality products for brows and eyes, Chella famously simplified the process of grooming brows in 3 simple steps. The brand has grown to include a wide range of vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free beauty products that always highlight and never hide natural beauty without compromising on clean and sustainable values. The brand, who’s vision since inception is for beauty, wellness, and sustainability to work in the same space, has made it their mission to create an inclusive, welcoming space in the industry for clean products. By forging a community of Chella Bellas, the brand’s priority is to always create products that make consumers feel confident and empowered, so their sustainable lifestyles and love of beauty can work in tandem. 

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IMPACT COLLECTIVE is a group of forward-thinking brands committed to making an immediate and  positive environmental impact by neutralizing their carbon, plastic, water and energy footprints.  Members participate in programs that calculate and mitigate their environmental footprints by investing  in certified projects and programs. IMPACT COLLECTIVE members can be identified through four IMPACT  seals, so consumers know their purchases support brands that prioritize sustainability. IMPACT  COLLECTIVE is managed and administered by GreenPrint, a global environmental technology company.

About GreenPrint 

GreenPrint, a global environmental technology company, offers sustainability as a service with patent protected programs that deliver environmental impact and bottom-line results. An Inc. 5000 company  and a member of 1% Percent for the Planet, GreenPrint’s turnkey offerings help companies meet  sustainability goals while increasing brand value and customer loyalty – making it easy for businesses to  do well by doing good. GreenPrint, A Public Benefit Corporation, is on pace to offset over 30 million  metric tons of carbon by 2025. GreenPrint Holdings Inc. All Rights Reserved ©2020. 

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