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How to Achieve Fuller Brows If You’re Experiencing Eyebrow Hair Loss

How to Achieve Fuller Brows If You’re Experiencing Eyebrow Hair Loss

Hi Bellas! 

Dealing with hair loss, for any reason, is extremely difficult. Especially your brows! It can negatively affect your self-image - and you may be feeling less confident because of it. We know it’s not easy, but if this is something you’re experiencing and you are looking for fuller, more defined brows, we got you, babe.

There are many reasons you might be experiencing eyebrow hair loss. As you age, your skin naturally loses its elasticity which can cause hair follicles to stop producing as much hair or any hair at all. This is normal! Other causes of brow hair loss or thinning could be hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, emotional stress, an overactive immune system, eczema, conditions such as alopecia, certain medications, and treatments like chemotherapy. 

Plus, we alllll know the 90’s/early 2000’s trend- the over-plucked thin brow. Over-plucking your brows can cause follicle damage which could lead to eyebrow hair loss over time as well.

Now that we've gone over some of the reasons you may be experiencing eyebrow hair loss, we can talk about how you can easily achieve fuller, shaped, and naturally defined brows with Chella. We are firm believers that having a fuller and defined brow can completely elevate your look. 

Chella Eyebrow Cream

Use brow cream to fill in the brow. This will help to fill in any sparse areas, or spots where there is hair loss. Our Brow Cream is super long-wearing for an all-day-wear, water-resistant, and buildable so you can get the exact coverage and shape you desire. The formula has a creamy consistency for easy application. The velvety consistency dries after application for a natural appearance - giving you that fuller brow look you are searching for. Sooo many benefits! Not to mention it’s super easy. Just apply the cream in small hair-like strokes from the arch of your brow to the tail using the angled brush. Then, use the excess cream that's left on the brush to lightly fill in the front of the brows in small hair-like strokes as well - and voila! Fuller brows.

Chella Eyebrow Pencil

Using our eyebrow pencil will give you a more precise detailed look for realistic hair-like brows. Our eyebrow pencil will help fill and define your brow. Using the brow pencil will help you achieve the fuller brows that you once had naturally - and they will last all day of course. When applying this pencil you’ll start with the spoolie end to brush your brows upward and into the shape that you prefer. Then, starting at the front of your brow, lightly draw hair-like lines in an upward motion until you reach the tail. Remember, apply it lighter at the front of the brow, and build up the product as you go for a more natural look. 

If you’re experiencing hair loss, remember to be easy on yourself and not let the negative emotions take over. LOTS of self-care is a must. When you’re happy and healthy on the inside, you’ll glow on the outside no matter what!

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