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We’re in for a bright, vibrant summer–  Pro MUA, Ashlen Romo, Gives Us Her Summer Trend Forecast

We’re in for a bright, vibrant summer– Pro MUA, Ashlen Romo, Gives Us Her Summer Trend Forecast

Meet makeup maven, Ashlen Romo (@glamxashlen), a fashion & editorial MUA who has worked with countless brands and publications we all know and love. We had the chance to collab with her and ask a few questions to get your beauty skills ready for a long, hot summer!

“Now that I know who I am as an artist, I constantly feel inspired to create what’s in my mind, to share it with others, and I hope to inspire other artists to share as well.”

Ashlen has wanted to be a part of the beauty world since she was 8 years old, and has always had a fascination with the art and fantasy-like photos in magazines. She grew up in Texas and moved to Los Angeles to be surrounded by creativity and endless possibilities to follow her dreams. After learning who she is as an artist, her biggest passion is creating makeup looks that speak to her and sharing them with beauty-lovers! 

Ashlen’s Tips & Tricks 

When asked what tips she would give to people at home who are trying to level up their looks, Ashlen said,"Have fun and experiment! Get to know yourself and your skin type, and learn what kind of looks make you feel most beautiful and confident”. She suggests experimenting with different levels of coverage when trying to find the perfect products that compliment your skin type, and playing with different tones to find the perfect lip shade for your everyday look. Plus, don’t forget to do your research on the best tools for the looks you want to achieve!

Ashlen X Chella

One of Ashlen’s favorite parts of being an MUA is working with amazing brands! “I find every brand has something different & unique to bring to the beauty experience,” she said. 

Ashlen loves Chella’s Brow Collection because “the Eyebrow Pencil is so silky and glides on so effortlessly”. For getting long, lifted lashes Ashlen loves Good Drama Mascara because “the formula is amazing and the wand works perfectly, giving the length and volume we all want!”.

Living a clean lifestyle is a huge priority to Ashlen personally and professionally. She is extremely conscious of the food she puts into her body as well as the products she uses on her skin. She regularly sees a facialist to check all of her beauty products for pore-clogging ingredients or toxic chemicals, and only uses products that she researches and approves for herself and her clients. The importance of clean beauty is a stance that Ashlen and Chella align on, ensuring that ingredients in your beauty products never infringe on personal safety or clean values. 

Ashlen’s Summer Trend Forecast

Who doesn’t love sun-kissed skin and perfect pops of color?! That’s why summer is our fave season. One of the best parts of chatting with Ashlen was getting the inside scoop on the summer trends we’re going to be seeing a lot more of! 

According to Ashlen, we are in for a bright, vibrant summer (thank the beauty gods!), and one of her favorite trends this season is glossy skin.. Not gonna lie, we’ve been totally crushing on the “Clean Girl Aesthetic,” so we’re thrilled to see more of it all summer long and beyond. Glossy skin is in, babe! 

She’s also seeing pops of bright colors and neons coming out to play, along with subtle sparkle and layering/mixing blush tones. These trends are absolute perfection for Ashlen, who loves “stepping out of the box and having fun with color”! She always encourages people to play with colors, shapes, and gems. Sounds like this summer is giving Euphoria High, and we are here for it! 

Ashlen loves chatting about beauty (obvi!), so feel free to slide into her DM’s for all your burning beauty questions! To check out more of her amazing work, follow her on IG @glamxashlen and look out for her incredible content on our IG @chellabeauty


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