Ciao, Chella Bellas! We recently launched our latest eyeshadow palette, Manifest. This four-pan palette consists of neutral-bronze shades ranging from pearl to matte finishes. We are continuously working on delivering the best products made with you in mind, beautiful—without the harsh ingredients—and we couldn’t be more excited to share this palette with you!  

A new palette opens the door to tons of new looks, so we wanted to share some of our fave tips on how to use Manifest to create an iconic eye look. Before we dive into the juicy deets, it’s time to introduce you to the stunning Manifest eyeshadow palette! The shade names in the palette include Charisma (champagne pearl), Radiant (bronze pearl), Intention (burnt sienna matte), and Purpose (brown pearl). 


Manifest Eyeshadow Palette on forarm


For a bronzy-glam eye look:

       1. Apply Intention to the outer crease of your eyelid using the fluffy side of the brush.

       2. Layer Purpose on top of Intention, focusing it in the outer crease/lash line. 

       3. Enhance the look by adding a wash of Radiant in the center of your eyelid using your finger.

       4. Finally, using the sponge side of the brush, add Charisma to the inner corners of your eyes and below the arch of your brow for a bright and awakened look.


Chella Tip: Do you want to mix-and-match your fave shades from Manifest and La Vie while you’re on-the-go without the hassle of taking two palettes? No worries! Every full size Chella eyeshadow pan is magnetic and can be conveniently switched into our other palettes! Traveling with Chella has never been so easy!


Manifest Eyeshadow Palette being displayed



If the neutral-bronze shades are not exactly your vibe, don’t worry Chella Bellas— we’ve got you covered. Our first eyeshadow palette, La Vie, serves four warm neutral shades so you can create the perfect everyday eye look. La Vie has two matte and two pearl shades, which help you easily transform your look from day to night, no matter the occasion! Both the La Vie and the Manifest palette can be found in a full size, as well as a travel size palette which makes being on-the-go oh-so easy! 

Chella Tip: Apply a drop of water on top of any Chella eyeshadow and you’ve got a soft, sultry eyeliner! Who doesn’t love a multifunctional product, am I right?!

Ok, babe! Now that you’ve been formally introduced to Manifest, let us show you what she’s really made of! Our very own Chella Bella, @be_beautifulxoxo_ has created this Bronze Goddess eyelook, as shown above. 

For some step-by-step tutorials using Manifest, check out our Instagram and Tik Tok @chellabeauty! 

Stay tuned for more on the Manifest Bronze Eyeshadow Palette, and don’t forget to let us know what else you’d love to see next from Chella. Ciao, Chella Bella!