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Move Out of the Way Clean Girl Makeup, Lazy Girl Makeup is Here to Stay

Move Out of the Way Clean Girl Makeup, Lazy Girl Makeup is Here to Stay

Written by: Katie Scoville

The makeup gods have forecasted glowy girl makeup looks equipped with dewy skin. This is great and all, except when you realize it may take more than five steps to achieve this look. 

Let’s face it, we all want the glowy, “clean girl” makeup look but some of us are lazy and want the look to be quick and easy. Here are some tips to achieve the coveted “clean girl” look in true lazy girl style. 

Tip #1: Hydrate from Within

Not only is hydrating your skin on the outside important, but also from within makes a world of difference. We know what you’re thinking…perhaps the most cliché tip out there, but drinking water is your lifesaver. Water provides so many benefits like keeping your skin hydrated, and boosting your metabolism. If you’re not into the “plain taste of water,” try adding some lemon or berries for a nice antioxidant boost and to help with feeling bloated throughout the day. Hydrated skin is healthy skin babes!

Tip #2: Keep It Simple (“it” being your routine) 

A simple skincare routine is the best way to go. Keeping your routine simple helps eliminate clutter not only in your cabinets, but also on your skin. All you really need is a great moisturizer, a serum, a nice exfoliator for once or twice a week, and sunscreen (Hint: make sure to find products that work for YOUR specific skin type; not everyone has the same needs or concerns). No need for the 10 step skincare routine you see on Beauty Secrets. While they work for some people, they can also be super intimidating, time consuming, and not to mention expensive! We have to get the basics down before heading to the big leagues, Bella! One step at a time, and we can’t stress this enough– SPF is your best friend! Protect that beautiful face from sun damage. 

Tip #3: Choose Products that are easy to blend (a.k.a creams and liquids) 

Liquids will be your new beauty lifesaver. Cream and liquid products are easy to use and blend in, so you really can’t go wrong. The Shimmer Highlight Pencil is perfect for all of your summer makeup needs and once you try that creamy, pigmented formula you’ll never go back. Put it on the high points of your face, in the corner of your eye, or even on your collar bone; the possibilities are endless! Maybe we’re biased, but these highlighters bring the glow in little to no time so you can shimmer and shine all day long. These highlighter pencils are multi-use, so both shades can be applied together to bring out your inner glow getter! For days that you’re feeling like focusing on the eyes, use some of our shimmers for a pop on the lids. The buttery formula is perfect for a quick swipe across the lids, and then you’re done! 

Tip #4: Blush, Bronzer, and Brows (maybe some concealer) is all you need

Cream blush and bronzer and a simple, blendable eye pencil are really all you need for a quick, glowy look. Focus your cream blush on the high points of your cheeks to go for a more lifted look. Place your cream bronzer wherever you feel comfortable and remember… blend. down. your. neck. We can’t stress how important this is. Fill in your brows lightly (with the Chella Eyebrow Pencil) and keep them in place with a clear brow gel – the Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel will be your BFF in brows, especially if you hate crunchy eyebrow gels. As they say, eyebrows frame the face so you never want them out of place. For the fluffy “clean girl” look, you’re going to want to brush them up diagonally and then touch up the tops for a fluffy, almost laminated look. Then, spot conceal wherever you feel necessary. We love using the Chella Highlighter Pencil for any minor corrections on the brow bone or on any part of the face you want to brighten or blur (under eyes, blemishes, dark spots– you name it!). 

So, there you have it. Our Top Four Tips for lazy girls who want the “clean girl” makeup look in waaay less time! Try it out and tag us on IG @chellabeauty.

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