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Our Top 5 Back2School Essentials

Our Top 5 Back2School Essentials

Ciao Chella Bellas! 

We hope you’ve been soaking in all the sunshine Summer 2021 has to offer before it’s time to get back to business! School is ~almost~ back in session, so that means you NEED to stock up on your school supplies— and we don’t just mean notebooks & number 2 pencils! To do your best, you need to feel your best so we’ve created a list of A+ essentials to get you back in the swing of things (not to mention a killer 25% Off Promo when you bundle 2 or more products on the list below!). 

Alright babe, it's time to study up on all the products you need to make this school year a success! 

1. Eyebrow Pencil - our favorite kind of pencil!

Make the grade with the perfect pencil… eyebrow pencil that is! The Chella Eyebrow Pencil is the perfect way to FILL your school day with good brows and good vibes. This backpack essential is perfect to take on the go, so you’ll never be tardy if you need a quick touch up. Our Eyebrow Pencil is also retractable, so you’ll never need a sharpener when you need more product. Take notes Chella Babe— Our favorite way to use it is by using light hairlike strokes that gradually get darker towards the end of your brow. 

2. Eyebrow Defining Gel - literally your new BGF (Best Gel Friend)

Every good student knows you can’t study without a buddy. That’s where the Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel (Clear) comes in— Keep your brows in place the whole school day with your new BGF (Best Gel Friend). School can be stressful, but your brows shouldn’t be… this absolute essential has your back 24/7, is never flaky, & will never let you or your brows feel out of place. 

3. Eyeliner Pens - fit in your pencil case!

Your amazing eye for detail makes you a pleasure to have in class! The Chella Eyeliner Pens come in 4 colors (Black, Brown, Blue & Purple), so you can add a little ~spice~ to your look. Precise, and with the perfect formula, these Eyeliners will stay all day and make your eyes pop. Create the wings you need to soar to the top of your class! 

4. Heated Lash Curler - the O.G. must-have, duhhhh! 

Say hello to the A+ C Curl! The Heated Lash Curler serves long, lush lashes with a curl that doesn’t quit. This sleek and safe heating wand is perfect to take on the go & never fails to give your lashes the perfect pick me up they need! For extra credit, use the HLC after applying mascara— trust us Chella Bella, your lashes will thank you!

5. Lush Balm - start fresh in the A.M. & wipe off your day in the P.M. ...

We know school stress is REAL, and sometimes it can affect our skin. That's why it's so important to wash away the day with our hydrating Lush Balm! This citrus-scented day dream is made of 80% Olive Oil and is the perfect facial cleanser for all skin types (plus it even doubles as a makeup remover!). You’re obviously a glow getter, so you need radiant skin to match! 

Okay, now that we’ve given you the material it’s time for you to school your classmates! Check out our Back to School Bundle at to save on your back to school faves. Choose 2 or more products to get 25% off and get ready for a semester of straight A’s! Class dismissed, Chella Bella!


Cover photo sourced on Pinterest from @weheartit

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