It’s time to embrace your unique brows! Everyone’s brows are beautifully different, and no two people will ever have the same ones. Your brows were made for you, making it hard to find the perfect shade— until now! As a brow and eye-focused beauty brand, we create products made with clean ingredients and your own unique beauty in mind. We know finding your perfect brow shade is tough, Chella Bella, but we’re here to help! That’s why we created nine Eyebrow Pencil and Cream shades, as well as four pen eyeliner colors to complement your eyes, skintone, and hair. It’s time to find your perfect match! 

Light Hair Loveys

If you have a lighter shade of hair, you may struggle to find a color that isn’t completely warm-toned. TG for Chella! Our Eyebrow Cream and Eyebrow Pencil shades that work for cooler hair tones include:

Beautiful Blonde
Luscious Light Brown
Tantalizing Taupe
Marvelous Medium Brown
Graceful Grey

    Chella Tip: Beautiful Blonde and Tantalizing Taupe’s cooler tones help the velvety cream blend seamlessly with your natural brows. Luscious Light Brown and Marvelous Medium Brown are best for more golden-blonde shades, light-medium brown hair, and medium brown hair as they do contain a touch of warmth. Look at the base of your scalp and stay within two shades of that hair color.

    Medium Marvels

    Medium tones have plenty of options too. We offer our long-wearing cream and pencil formula in:

    Marvelous Medium Brown
    Awesome Auburn
    Dazzling Dark Brown

      Chella Tip: While the browns in this category may build an awesome brunette shade, Awesome Auburn is a nice shade for those with an auburn or red hue. You can mix and blend Awesome Auburn with other Chella Eyebrow Cream shades for a seamless match.


      For darker hair tones: 

      Dazzling Dark Brown
      Delightful Deep Brown
      Graceful Grey
      Elegant Ebony

        Chella Tip: From our Dazzling Dark Brown to our Elegant Ebony, we have every shade you need to match your dark hair. Try mixing two shades! Use the lighter shade at the front of your brow and the darker shade from the arch to tail of your brow. Literal Kylie Jenner brow goals!

        Time to line! 

        Bring on the liner, babe! An eyeliner pen is a  great way to even the playing field between your brows and eyes. The Chella Liquid Eyeliner Pen brings dream definition to your eyes so your look will always pack a punch. Whether it's a soft kitty liner, dreamy and bold graphic liner, or a dramatic cat-eye... Chella helps you customize your look by offering four different shades of eyeliner:


          Chella Tip: Serve MAJOR looks. For our beautiful blondies, match a chocolate brown liner with your blonde eyebrows, or for our dark hair baddies, get midnight sky vibes using the dreamy dark blue under your ebony brows.

          Finish off your look with long, lush lashes. Chella’s eyelash curlers heated gently brings the heat you need for a curl that doesn’t quit! With these products working in tandem, you can create a killer look that slays all day. 

          Chella ALWAYS understands the assignment!! Shop all of our brow & eye beauty products from